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 349 Monroe St., Detroit, MI 313.964.0007
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Major events

Every Friday and Sat Black Mist on the second floor, TJ Monte and Guests on the first floor and on the Deck.

Sat, Oct 12 Wings vs. Toronto 7:00 PM RIDE OUR FREE SHUTTLE!
Mon, Oct. 14 Lions at Green Bay, 8:15 p.m. Watch on our 25 TVs!
Tue, Oct 15 Wings @ Vancouver 10:00 PM Watch on our 25 TVs!
Thurs., Oct. 17 GREEN BEAT THURSDAYS Join us!
Thu, Oct 17 Wings @ Calgary 9:00 PM Watch on our 25 TVs!
Fri, Oct 18 Wings @ Edmonton 9:00 PM Watch on our 25 TVs!
Sun, Oct. 20 Lions vs. Minnesota, 1:00 p.m. RIDE OUR FREE SHUTTLE!
Tue, Oct 22 Wings vs. Vancouver 7:30 PM RIDE OUR FREE SHUTTLE!

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